Green Tara Practice for Victims of the Deadly Fires in Athens

Green Tara practice Greece

Dear members of the International Dzogchen Community,

As you would likely have been watching on the news and the social media, last Monday 23th of July in the wider area of Athens, powerful winds after a heat wave have caused deadly fires.

The phenomenon evolved with incredible speed, without giving time to react or to escape to thousands of people and animals who some managed with terror to fall into the sea to save their lives and others just died being burned alive. The aftermath is shocking with over 85 people dead and an unknown huge number of animals. Lot of houses and natural habitats have been totally destroyed.

The Hellas – Garabling (the Greek Dzogchen Community) calls everyone who can and is willing to keep in his practice the victims of this calamity and to join on the practice of Green Tara for the victims and the harmonization of the natural elements on Monday 30th of July at 20.00 daylight saving eastern european time (GMT + 3) when we plan to do the practice at the Garabling.

P.S. Thank you all for your concern and asking about us, as far as we know all members of the Greek Dzogchen Community are O.K. regarding the fires.

The Gyakil of Garabling

Long Life to our Master!

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