Dargyäling, Cologne Greets the Community

Cologne is in Western Germany, about 80 kilometres from the Dutch border. It is a warm-hearted city with an amazing cathedral as well as an amazing Ling! We would just like to take you with us on the little wave of joy we’ve been travelling on lately and let you know what’s going on here!

In the last couple of years we have been enjoying a growing interest and involvement in our schedule of events. Life in and around the Ling becomes more and more dynamic, which makes us very happy. Besides regular Ganapuja practices we have either a Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga or Meditation practice nearly every evening. Each month we organise at least one course and/or retreat and we enjoy regular Santi Maha Sangha lessons, mainly led by Jakob Winkler.

With Saadet Arslan we created a Yantra Yoga course schedule that enabled us to pass once through all the Yantra Yoga Groups and the corresponding Pranayamas in the past year.  Dargyäling Cologne 1

Karin Heinemann and Lenka Tchernobay taught us the complete Vajra Dance Thun through the courses that they gave over the year.

Dargyäling Colgne 2

We also organize seasonal festivities, like the Spring Party we just had at the beginning of May, which combine the possibility just to have fun, talk and enjoy food and drink together with collective practices.

Dargyäling Cologne 3

In addition we organize “Open Door Days” once a year, during which we open the doors of the Ling to people who may never have been there but are interested in the teachings. Last year it was a wonderful event shared with artists and dancers, introducing practice and teaching sessions, with beginners’ courses and practice events in the following months for people who were interested. This year in autumn we are planning the next one. Dargyäling Cologne 4

At Easter, together with the Dutch Community, we organized a wonderful Mandarava retreat with Nina Robinson at a place in the countryside not far from Cologne called Pauenhof and at least once a year we plan Mandarava practice retreats in Dargyäling. Next year in late January/early February, again with the Dutch Community, we are organizing a Vajra dance Retreat with Stoffelina Verdonk and Karin Heinemann in Cologne.

Besides this, we are creating a new homepage which hopefully will go online within the next two or three months. Communication has become an inspired and inspiring topic that marks our way of working and vitalizing the Ling and, of course, it makes us happy to see things grow.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to invite you to visit us when you’re in Germany – or just take a ride on the new homepage as soon as it goes online – and drop us a line, or at least a Hello!

We’d be very happy to welcome you to Cologne and look forward to meeting you.

We send heartfelt wishes to all of you. May rainbows crown your paths!

Your Dargyäling Gakyil.

Spielmannsgasse 14, 50678 Köln
www.dargyaling.de (the old website soon to be renewed)
Gakyil contact: hans@hansholzbecher.de