IDC 2021 Membership Reminder

Dear Global Vajra Family,

Greetings from the International Gakyil Team!

We hope you are fine and that the current Metal Ox year is bringing good health and prosperity for all!

2021 is now coming to a close, and we are writing to express a special thank you to all the 4,546 people that have already renewed their 2021 IDC membership.

As membership is one of the most important ways to demonstrate our commitment to the Teachings and to supporting the International Dzogchen Community and its Gars and Lings, we would like to remind those that are late in fixing their 2021 membership status that it is easier than ever to do so.

Visit to view and choose the payment methods for your local Gar or Ling.

Many Gars and Lings offer the opportunity to renew the membership directly online through log in area and reaching out your personal profile at and to do it in instalments.

Thank you for being members in 2021!

With love,

International Gakyil

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