IDC Annual Sangha Retreat (ASR)


It is with great joy that the International Gakyil (IG) announces the dates and plan for our first ever IDC Annual Sangha Retreat (ASR).  This is a new event – one of the last IG decisions confirmed with Rinpoche in 2018  – which we hope will become an important tradition within the Dzogchen Community in years to come.

The IDC ASR for 2019 is scheduled for March 28 to April 8 at Dzamling Gar and will consist of 4 series of Collective Practice:

  • Guru Amitayus
  • Vajra Dance, mixed with sitting practice thuns
  • Guru Yoga of the White “A” and
  • Green Tara

The IDC Annual General Meeting (AGM) will also take place during the retreat and is scheduled for Sunday, the morning of 7 April.  This IDC AGM will be webcast as per usual in order to link in all our Gars & Lings around the world.

While the IDC ASR event is not a teaching retreat, it is meant to be an opportunity for the older students and those with most training and capacity to mentor and support the newer students by leading and participating in Collective Practice.  Our goal is to fill the Gonpa with as many of our authorized teachers and SMS instructors as possible so that we strengthen the Sangha energy through an empowered Collective Practice.

With this aspiration in mind, the IG would like to invite all IDC members from around the world to come join us at Dzamling Gar for this new and important event.  Your presence in the new Gonpa will greatly enhance the positive spirit of the event.  The IDC ASR is the event once a year where we wish for all of the global IDC Sangha to come together as ‘One Family’ and practice together. We hope that you will join us in this gathering and help us to create this inclusive atmosphere.

For additional retreat information please contact ASR project management team via the International Gakyil or Dzamling Gar Gakyil.

The International Gakyil

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