International Cultural Ati Yoga Association Trip to China

atiyoga association china trip

Arrival at Chengdu Airport

As you all know, we recently went to China. We did it to fulfill a promise made to our Master some years ago. Four years ago the Master, Rosa Namkhai and I sensed that the Chinese government would be increasingly open to cultural exchanges and tourism. On that occasion the Master entrusted me with the task of carrying out this delicate mission, which he cared about so much, as it could be a source of well-being and prosperity. In carrying out this task I have always had the support of Merigar, for which I am thankful.

On this last trip I met experts in tourism, with whom I have close relationships of knowledge, trust and mutual cooperation. Thanks to their help, in China I registered a small cultural and touristic association in order to be legal. This will allow us to be able to receive Chinese guests eager for tourism and culture in and around Merigar. The advantages of all this work if, as we hope, everything continues to go well, will be a greater activity and well-being for Merigar and the area, with whom for years we have had relationships of mutual respect and collaboration, cultural exchange and high level tourism.

Migmar Tsering

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