International Gakyil Changes

Following the recent International Gakyil Annual Planning Meeting, Rinpoche has approved the change to a 6-person International Gakyil.


Ricardo Kogel has stepped down from the International Yellow Gakyil. Many thanks to him for his ongoing commitment to Rinpoche, for all his work for the IDC over the last year, and very best wishes for all his life and activity into the future. Keng Leck has moved into an advisory/consultant role. Many thanks to him for his ongoing contribution.

As a result, it was decided to go ahead with a six person Gakyil and Roberto Zamparo is moving to Yellow, with the full Gakyil as follows:
Blue: Libor Maly, Julian King-Salter
Red: Enrico Dell’Angelo, Scott Townell
Yellow: Mark Farrington, Roberto Zamparo.
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