International Gakyil Membership Appeal 2021

membership appeal 2021

Dear Global Vajra Family,

2020 has now come to a close, and the Year of the Metal Ox has arrived. We hope it brings good health and prosperity for all!

There were many challenges in 2020, but although the pandemic made it difficult to meet in person, through technology and a commitment by our sangha to create opportunities for online practice, our global community was able to practice together daily. Our Gars and Lings collaborated with our marvelous instructors and infinitely kind practice leaders, uniting us in innumerable practices so generously given to us by our precious Rinpoche.

We are writing today to express our thanks to you, our Vajra Brothers and Sisters for your unwavering commitment to the teachings and your high level of participation in the International Dzogchen Community’s online offerings. The harmonious results of practicing together and the sense of purpose we shared were also reflected in the relative stability of our worldwide membership numbers.

With 5,414 members in 2020, our total global membership numbers were mostly unchanged compared to 2019. You will find details on membership trends in the next issue of The Mirror. 

Membership is one of the most important ways we demonstrate our commitment to the teachings and to supporting the International Dzogchen Community and its Gars and Lings. The Year of the Metal Ox brings a new opportunity to renew your membership in 2021, and it is easier than ever to do so. Visit to view and choose the payment methods for your local Gar or Ling. Many of them offer the opportunity to renew the membership directly online through your personal profile at

Thank you for being members in 2020, and we look forward to your joining again in 2021!

With love,

International Gakyil

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