Introduction to Yantra Yoga in Prague, Czech Republic

YYCzechwith Magdalena Ourecka
February 10th – 11th, 2018

On the 10-11 of February, over 20 participants gathered into our favorite Prague center Yantra Yoga gym for a beginner’s weekend course. There were many new faces and it was nice to hear that most of the people actually came from recommendation of friend. That means our Yantra Yoga teachers are doing a good job if people are happy to tell their friends to go attend a courses. This time it was Magda Ourecka who led us through the basics.

At first, she started with explanation about history and lineage, as it is important to know what are we going to do beforehand, nobody wants to buy a ticket to random location. Then, we started with warmup and stretching. It is useful to know again, how our bodies can bend and oftentimes can not bend. Breathing exercises followed in order to have full breath prepared for the actual Yantra session.YY3


During the weekend, we managed to go through nine purification breathing, tsigjong, eight movements and vajra wave. Magda carefully explained every part in detail with special attention to difficult movements. She answered our witty questions and corrected our at times not optimal performance. Even though some of us attended this beginners weekend before, it was very valuable to go through the very basics, so we could strengthen our understanding of basics and catch details.

Too bad for those who missed this weekend that Magda our Yantra instructor is actually moving to Romanian Gar this summer. She will live in our hearts, but we will miss her constant ten year weekly dedication to the practice of trul khor nyi da kha jor.



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