Jornada de Costumbres


The Grupo de Participación Ciudadana/Citizen Participation Group took another important step to consolidate El Fraile as a town with a fraternal multicultural society. On July 11, in a relaxed and enriching meeting at the Cultural Center, the theme proposed was the role of the elderly and the experience of solidarity in different cultures. Each panelist had five minutes to speak while inspiring images were projected to the audience. Given the success of the intercultural and interreligious events held so far, representatives from the government and municipality came to show their appreciation and support for the continuity of this project.

10480561_832041016807236_3323970111147091367_oAmong the participants were representatives from Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Colombia, Cuba, the Muslim, Gypsy, Hindu and Bahai community, the Catholic priest of the town, the Youth Group and the affectionately called Third Youth Group. We heard memories from their homeland, loved ones and the common experiences of holding the elderlies as sages, peacemakers, the ones who care for the kids, teach spiritual values, traditional knowledge and solutions for daily living.

10548137_832039743474030_6085126286463991889_oThupten Rabgyi, our geko at Dzamling Gar, did a masterful presentation translated by a member of the Ghe Pel Ling sangha.

For us, this event also had the importance of being the first time Dzamling Gar has collaborated with Centro de Estudios Budistas Ghe Pel Ling (Adeje), in an event featuring Tibetan Culture.

In conclusion, the participants and the audience were asked to list proposals for future activities. The general motivation is to keep on expanding knowledge and care for each other.



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