Jumping into Light

Wrathful like a thunder
Yet undisturbed
Like the surface of a calm ocean

Fiery like blazing fire
Yet lacking any violence

Interested in every object details like a child
Yet totally free of attachment
Just like your name Chatral

Of deep unfathomable learning
And yet completely at ease
In ordinary situations

A treasure of oral instructions
Of the highest secret
Yet openly displaying only
The practice of non-harming others
And compassion

Embodiment of the peak
Of all spiritual teachings
Yet unwilling to proffer
Even the word total perfection

Unpredictable like a wild crazy man
One day in one place
The next day far away somewhere else
Yet sane like a healthy healer

Expert in building art
Yoga rituals language
Yet utterly unpretentious

Gifted with a deep loud voice
Powerful like a bomb
And yet free of the slightest taint of
Authoritarian imposition

Your words emerging from the dept of your being
Pronounced without conceptual stimuli
Yet leaving an un-erasable mark in oneself

Your very nature is
Constant effortless
Vigil awareness
Manifesting in your eyes words
And each of every action of yours

In your presence
A disarming un-scrutable bare simplicity
Leaves no space for ego games
And reveals the mind luminous nature

A few days before your departure
Descending the steep rocky slope
Of the mountain
I found myself above a bottomless ravine

With no way to descend
And no way to return

I thought to jump into light
Right in front

As I woke up
I wondered about
The meaning of this
Then I heard of your passing into space

Elio Guarisco
Como January 6, 2015

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