Ka-ter Translation Project


Dear Dzogchen Community friends,

Only a few days ago we finished an incredible retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and in few days there will be the next extraordinary retreat, the teachings on Yangtig, given by our precious master at Dzamling Gar. Many of you will be coming here to participate in that retreat and to follow these secret teachings.

In the Dzogchen tantras it is explained that those people who are following the precious Dzogchen teachings are the fortunate ones.

Yes, we are the fortunate ones!

We not only do have the possibility to follow the most precious retreats of our Master, but we are also able to follow the teachings of Rinpoche in a language that we understand, as Rinpoche teaches in English and not in Tibetan.

Yes, we are the fortunate ones!

We have the fantastic possibility to read and study these teachings that Rinpoche is continuously transmitting to us in English language, even though all these texts of unique wisdom are written in Tibetan, none of them is written in English.

Yes, we are the fortunate ones!

We can read and study these teachings in English, because in our Sangha, in our Dzogchen Community we have skillful translators, first of all Adriano Clemente and Elio Guarisco. Based on their dedication, their state of presence, their experience on what is communicated in these teachings, and on their wisdom of Tibetan language and grammar, we can all participate and follow the teachings of Rinpoche in an easy and relaxed way.

We don’t need to study Tibetan, although that is very helpful and recommended as it brings you an even deeper understanding of the teachings.

We really are the fortunate ones!

In 2002 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu asked me to take over the responsibility to collect funds for the translators, so that they can do their translation work without disturbances. For that reason, the Shang Shung Institute Austria has been in charge of the Ka-Ter translation project and for the translation project Complete Works of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu since 2002.

These two activities are based on the principle of generosity: everybody can participate and in that way become part of it, and based on all your generosity we were able to proceed with these fundamental translation projects in the last years.

Thank you for all your support and your understanding of the importance of these translation works!

Please continue to support the work of the translators.

Please donate some funds for these outstanding projects.

Please send you donations to the bank account of the Shang Shung Institute Austria

Name of the bank:  Raiffeisenbank Ilz
Address of bank:  Hauptstr. 39
8262 Ilz
Name of account:  Shang Shung Institute Austria
IBAN:  AT19 3815 1000 0003 0387


you can use also  PAYPAL




Each donor who offers more than 108 Euro will receive the newest and fantastic music CD of Adriano Clemente called “Havana Blue”.

That will also be a marvelous Christmas present for your beloved ones!



All the very best and thank you once more for your support,

Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
Gersdorfberg 19
8212 Pischelsdorf

Tel.: 0043 664 8866 2660
Mail: office@ssi-austria.at
Web: www.ssi-austria.at


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