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Dear Supporters of the Ka-ter Translation Project of the Shang Shung Institute Austria,

I am absolutely convinced that you all know Adriano Clemente, who is the main translators of texts and teachings written by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in Tibetan.

For more that forty years our translators like Adriano Clemente, Elio Guarisco, and Jim Valby have dedicated their time, energy and knowledge to translate these sometimes very cryptic texts into English.

Due to their extraordinary work we, who do not have the capacity to understand Tibetan in the correct way, have access to this outstanding knowledge of Tibetan Masters, which is such a precious gift for all generations.

The Shang Shung Institute Austria began the Ka-ter Translation Project in 2002 with the aim to support the translators so that they fully can focus on translations.

Until today we have continued our work to collect funds for maintaining the work of the translators.

But did you know that Adriano Clemente is also a very gifted musician and great composer?

Today I send you his words about his latest CD that he produced:

Dear Sponsor,

As you might already know, beside my activity as a translator for our precious Master and for the benefit of the entire Dzogchen Community, in the last years I have also been producing musical cds that contain my original compositions, mostly in the jazz idiom. The first, “Mingus Suite”, is dedicated to the afro-american jazz composer Charles Mingus, while the second, “Havana Blue”, draws inspiration from the Cuban musical tradition, and was entirely recorded in L’Havana, and performed by extraordinary Cuban musicians.
Now my third cd, “Cuban Fires”, also recorded in L’Havana, has just been released, and it contains a special homage to our dearest vajra brother Enrico Dell’Angelo in the song “Con Alma”.
Music has been a very important aspect in my life since childhood, but the meeting with our precious Master opened a new perspective in my early twenties and I decided to devote my energy to the translation of Tibetan text, abandoning my musical career that had just then started.
I hope you will enjoy my cds, and that they will help let go a bit of the tension of our busy life and relax in the dimension of pure harmony.
Thanks for sponsoring the invaluable Ka-Ter Translation Project of the Shang Shung Institute, Austria.
Sincerely yours, 
Adriano Clemente


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