Khaita Workshop at Sangyeling Saint Petersburg

group photo khaita saint petersburg

From August 27 to 31, Sangyeling, in St. Petersburg, Russia, hosted a training course on Khaita Joyful Dances with Lelya Matveichenkova from Moscow. It was a course for those who have danced for a long time and also for those new to Tibetan dance.

Sangeling thanks Lelya for the fact that she always teaches us new ways and supports us in all our endeavors. Thank you, Lola, for your infinite patience and attention, as well as for your dedication to the development of Khaita!

During the course we learned wonderful dances, among which Nying Gi Rewa, Nga yi Nyi-ma and Shey yon Rang dang. We are pleased to invite everyone to the next regular classes. Enjoy dancing and just enjoy being together.



Kha = space / sky. Ta = harmony / melody.

“Khaita: these words and the symbol (the golden infinite knot of love on our globe) were chosen by our Master few months ago in Dzamling Gar to represent all activities of the Dzogchen Community related to movements and sounds. Khaita Joyful Dances, Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga, are all part of this. Since 2011 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has devoted himself to the research and promotion of Tibetan songs, up until now Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche has personally transcribed 108 Tibetan songs, which are now being widely embraced by his students around the world.

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