Summer 2019 Khalongdorjeikar Course at Merigar West

2019 Khalongdorjeikar merigar west
This six day beginners course of the Vajra Dance of Space was taught by Prima Mai and occurred at the Gönpa at Merigar West during a pause in the Gönpa roof renovations 12-17 July 2019. The course was enthusiastically attended by more than 40 practitioners and was open to those who knew the Song of the Vajra well and preferably one of the Vajra Dances, however it was also attended by practitioners experienced in the Vajra Dance.

This dance was transmitted to Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in a series of three dreams, and translators, dancers, musicians and digital technicians have been working closely with Prima Mai since 2013 to understand the original text and manifest the Vajra Dance of Space on the Khalong. There have also been a series of Study Groups over recent years to understand the application of the original text and clarify questions resulting in the realization of the Khalongdorjeikar Vajra Dance to this point. The Khalong (a symbol of the unlimited universal dimension of space) may have up to 28 dancers at any time so there has been much to understand to realize a harmonious dance together whilst singing the Song of Vajra in an internal way. Patiently and creatively our Vajra Dance teacher clearly transmitted her knowledge to allow us to learn and experience this beautiful dance.

Photo courtesy of Rasa Lukstaite

Currently there is an editing process in progress and when many questions have been clarified, the translation of the root text will be available for all the interested Vajra Dance practitioners.  Meanwhile “Working Notes and Essential Diagrams for the Study of the Vajra Dance of Space of the Song of the Vajra” has been complied and updated March 2019 by Prima Mai (Shang Shung Publications).

I feel deep gratitude for the devotion of all the practitioners who have dedicated so much of their energy for the realization of the Khalongdorjeikar to enable an experience of Contemplation in movement together.

Maree Ploetz

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