Kundrolling Weekly Schedule Jan 8 to 17

May the Namkhai Family and entire
International Dzogchen Community
Enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe new year of 2021

Join the community of IDC Kundrolling in NYC online for twice-daily Tara action mantra practice, daily Odzer Chenma, Chod, and Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 A) practices, most of which have been held daily for 10 months. Please don’t forget to renew your membership through https://dzogchen.net/login/ and select Kundrolling as your Ling.

Daily Online Practice with IDC Kundrolling:

9 am ET – Daily Practice of Odzer Chenma for IDC Kundrolling and Dondrubling 

12 pm ET – Daily Chod Practice with Steve Landsberg – https://zoom.us/j/329031075, Password: 954821.

2 pm ET – Daily Guru Arya Tara Practice with the 20th Action Mantra

7 pm ET – Daily Guru Arya Tara Practice with the 20th Action Mantra*

8 pm ET – Daily Practice of the Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 A) with Bodhi*

*On Ganapuja nights we join with the Tsegyalgar East community for the Ganapuja and Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 A).

Weekly Practices:

8:30 – 10 am ET – Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga with Bernard Thibodeau (Tuesdays and Saturdays only)

10 – 11:30 am ET – Yantra Yoga Practice with Naomi Zeitz (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

10 – 11:15 am ET – Practise of the Precious Vase with authorized Santi Maha Sangha instructor Steven Landsberg and Tsegyalgar East (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, but check website for schedule changes)

3 – 5 pm ET – Dance of the Song of the Vajra Online Study Group with Bodhi (every other Sunday only. Next ones are January 10th and 24th)

4 pm ET – Mandarava Practice with Tsegyalgar East (Mondays and Tuesdays only)

5 pm ET – Shitro with Tsegyalgar East (Wednesdays only)

Upcoming Retreat:

Saturday, January 9 & Sunday, January 10, 2021:

The Dzogchen Teachings Through The Dzamling Gar Song View, Meditation & Conduct With International Khaita & Vajra Dance Teacher Adriana Dal Borgo & Authorized SMS First Level Instructor Fabio Risolo and Tsegyalgar East

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