Kunsangar North Dzogchen Community “Nature of Mind” Retreat is Over

kunsangar north retreat over

Dear all,

On behalf of all the participants and organizers, I express my heartfelt gratitude for the interesting and intensive “Nature of Mind” Retreat at Kunsangar North, Russia, July 19-23, 2018, to:

SMS instructors: Igor Berkhin, Alexander Pubanz, Grigory Mokhin, Alexander Mochalkin, Vlad Bespalov. Your explanations were interesting, exciting and exhaustive!

kunsangar north retreat over

Yantra Yoga instructors: Fabio Andrico, Victor Krachkovsky, Mira Mironova, Alexei Shadrov, Yanina Bekshibaeva, Asya Panfilova, Irina Novikova. Yantra Yoga was the most popular during the retreat!

Vajra Dance Instructors: Tatyana Pronicheva, Olga Nimachuk, Natalia Makarova, Manidari Dobdonova, Ulyana Sokolova. The program was very interesting, intensive and well organized!

Khaita instructors: Julia Petrova, Natalia Makarova, Ulyana Sokolova, Vladimir Belyaev and Victoria Adamenko. Thank you for the training and wonderful show! Everything was useful and interesting!

kunsangar north retreat over

About 200 people from different cities of Russia took part in the retreat at North Kunsangar. Thank you for being here!

By webcast – the largest number of connections – 1074 connections to the Russian language channel and 170 connections to the English channel.

For all interested, a link to the recording of retreat sessions (in Russian) can be obtained by request at the address kunsangar.north.retreat@gmail.com.

kunsangar north retreat over

Many thanks to translators: Elena Pakhno, Vladimir Smirnov, Andrey Emelyanov, Olga Yudina, Alexander Pubants.

Special gratitude to the organizers of the webcast: Andrei Pushkarev and Roman Grachev!

Thanks to Lena Hertz, the leading practitioner of Ganapuja!

Thanks to our kitchen and dining room staff. Everything was on time and very tasty!

Thanks to the organizers of the photo exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of North Kunsangar!

kunsangar north retreat over

Thanks to the organizers, employees and karma yogis!

There is a proposal to do such retreats annually!

See you in North Kunsangar next summer!

kunsangar north retreat over

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