Kunsangar North Russia on Rinpoche’s Birthday

As everybody knows on December 8 the whole Dzogchen Community celebrates the birthday of our precious Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. This day is usually full of practices, and many people arrive at Kunsangar North to spend it together, participate in collective practices and communicate. We have a festive Ganapuja, tea drinking and other joyful events.

This year we took part in the Arya Sangha Monlam which was organised online and has become a forum for many friendly Buddhist sanghas. We happily participated in this initiative as Rinpoche paid respect to all Buddhist schools and the doors of Kunsangar North are always open for great teachers of different traditions. Rinpoche interacted with other communities so the Gar also uses such an opportunity.

Gekö Marina Novitskaya and Gakyil Roman Grachev presenting the Dzogchen Community at Arya Sangha monlam.

Our wonderful instructors took part in this event. Sasha Pubants, Igor Berkhin, Ulyana Sikolova, Valeria Spasskaya, Ekaterina Kyuppar, and Vita Adamenko conducted open sessions and we held online lessons of Khaita and Yantra Yoga. There was also a workshop on the Tibetan art of Thangkas where people could get to know the sacred proportions that are used and draw the Buddha’s eyes.

We also did a presentation of Kunsangar North as part of the Dzogchen Community Mandala and made people familiar with the art of Namkha weaving. We helped to give a general idea of what the Dzogchen Community is and the many methods transmitted by our Precious Master. They are all so perfect that even coming into contact with any of them can help to establish a connection with the Teaching and be an impetus to internal harmony.

Kunsangar North in snow. Photo by Yulia Mikheykina.

The collaboration between the Arya Sangha and Kunsangar North was really joyful and made us confident that limitations cannot become obstacles to our intention to interact and keep the Teaching alive.

Kunsangar North Gekö

Marina Novitskaya


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