Kunsangar North Russia Update & Summer Events

kunsangar north update

When you buy a piece of land, you need to build something there. For two or three people it will be very hard to do. But if everybody participates, it will be very easy. For that reason I ask you all to remember this and cooperate.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, on the building of Kunsangar North, 1998.

Kunsangar North was established on the territory of a former Soviet Pioneer camp, in a pine forest near the river Klyazma, 60 kms from Moscow. The site is rather big and contains houses for habitation, cottages, retreat houses, a dark retreat house, the Gönpa (the Vajra Hall), three halls for collective practices, the Stupa of Ultimate Conquest with a heated room for practice inside, the School of Tibetan Medicine, and also a canteen, coffee bar, bakery, library, bookshop, sauna, gym and swimming pool.

We are happy to organize retreats with local and international instructors of the Dzogchen Community. In addition, with the approval of Chögyal Namkai Norbu, the Gar is open to all Buddhist sanghas and other friendly groups, which allows us to be self-sufficient. Thanks to this and to the help of sponsors we are able to keep donations for Dzogchen Community retreats unfixed, following the principle of Generosity recommended by our Master.

kunsangar north updateFor the past months our main goal has been to strengthen cooperation, so we have prepared programs of active communication with other Gars and Lings, and we are also trying to be more open towards the local population and all the people that are interested in Teachings. That means not only open courses such as Khaita Dances, Yantra Yoga (including Kumar Kumari and Yantra for the pregnant), Breathe, meditation and mindfulness, but also workshops of thangka painting and crafts such as ceramics, leather work and  gastronomy.

kunsangar north updateSince 2013 Kunsangar North has been one of the homes for the School of Tibetan Medicine founded by Chögyal Namkai Norbu and led by Phuntsog Wangmo. Each year in winter Dr. Phuntsog provides courses of Ku Nye and Dietology, along with the foundation of Tibetan pharmacy. In 2013 the School offered a Four-Year Tibetan Medicine Program that had more than 30 graduates in 2017, with many of them also visiting Xining Tibetan Medical Hospital in 2018 for practical study.

Kunsangar North has already held two Conferences for Conscious Cooperation with discussions of problems and solutions for the Community, its members, Gars and Lings.

The atmosphere at Kunsangar North is always warm and friendly. Perpetual intensive practice is always going on, individually and collectively.

kunsangar north updateThrough the blessing of our Teacher the Stupa of Ultimate Victory (Namgyal Chorten) was erected at Kunsangar North. It contains various relics from our Master and from many important Teachers of the past and the present, and is an official object of pilgrimage for all Buddhists and those interested in the Teachings. In 2018, following a contest, the Gakyil of Kunsangar North chose a project of paving around the Stupa and completion of the neighboring territory. Sponsors are covering the costs of all the landscape and architectural works. The project is 90% completed, and will be finished in 2019.

kunsangar north updateWe are currently developing a project for targeted sponsorship and donations for the Gar’s future programs & projects. You are free to donate to any of our projects at https://kunsangar.ru/fundraising
We already have our Dzogchen Community retreats planned till the end of the summer of 2019:

May 1-9
Intensive retreat on Guru Amitayus long life practice with Chudlen of the Three Kayas with Elio Guarisco

May 1-8
In-depth Khaita Dance course with Adriana Dal Borgo

May 9-13
Advanced Vajra Dance Course with Adriana Dal Borgo

May 23-June 2
Intensive practice retreat on the 7th Lojong (Parlung) with Evgeny Rud’

June 8-24
Yantra Yoga deepening course with Fabio Andrico. Exact topic and dates to be specified

June 24-27
In-depth study of Santi Maha Sangha with Steven Landsberg. Subject and exact dates to be specified

July 6-14
Big Dzogchen Community Summer/Sangha Retreat with Igor Berkhin, Elio Guarisco and other DC instructors. Anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava

August 3-10
Enzo Terzano with an extensive program: The Practice of Gomadevi + Vajra Dance, the practice of SMS. Subject and exact dates to be specified.

You are always welcome at Kunsangar North. We have very beautiful summers!


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