Ladakh 2015 – Book Your Place by May 30


Due to its remoteness, Ladakh has preserved a very traditional and unique way of life. In fact there is a Ladakhi proverb which says: “The land is so barren and the passes so high that only the best of friends or fiercest enemies would want to visit us.”


Unlike Tibet, just a few hundred kilometers away from the city of Leh, Ladakh has not been subjected to Chinese occupation. The traditional Tibetan way of life has therefore remained intact. Besides the colorful way of life, the natural beauty of the dramatic Himalayan range is a must see. Ladakh remains one of the truly un-spoilt Buddhist cultures, since the history of Buddhism in Ladakh extends back more than two thousand years. Local animist beliefs still live alongside Buddhism and we will explore such sites.

Our trip will start in Leh and take you to ancient cities pagodas, stupas, royal palaces, temples, caves and lakes, all throughout the country, to see it in all its glory.


There are still some places left on our Ladakh tour. In order to secure your place on the trip you must book by MAY 30 – MORE INFO:

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