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latest news merigarlatest news merigar
We would like to update you on the current situation at Merigar West.

The people who usually work at Merigar during this lockdown period have had to work mainly from home, but despite the difficulties, our ongoing projects have continued and we are working to organize projects for the future.

In these months of quarantine, ordinary and essential maintenance works on the buildings at Merigar, the road, and the surrounding woods have continued. For example, some trees at the top of the landslide were dangerous and had to be cut. This area is geologically fragile and closely monitored. The green areas, flowers, and gardens also continued to be cared for.

At the Gönpa, it was only possible to resume work a few days ago, with the beginning of the so-called “Phase 2”, one of the steps in the gradual relaxation of the state of quarantine and so works that we had planned for this restructuring phase have almost been completed.

In this beginning of “Phase 2”, as required by state and regional provisions, the Merigar facilities are still closed for courses, visits, practice activities and social moments.

We have to bear in mind that the local authorities are doing frequent checks in the area and that if the number of infected people – so far a limited number – should increase, we would return to the previous situation with even greater limitations and even longer periods of time before returning to the complete reopening of all our activities. Therefore, active collaboration in respecting common rules by each individual is important.

To evaluate whether and how to resume collective activities, we are waiting for the measures decided by the Italian Government and the Tuscany Region and will comply with what is prescribed.

As soon as the situation becomes clearer, we will let you know through our usual communication channels. However you can contact the office for news and clarifications.

We have received precious teachings that we can also practice at home in large part. We should always keep in mind that there are many people who are suffering in this situation and we dedicate the merits of our practices to them.

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