Letter To The Members Of The Dzogchen Community

Dear Members of the Dzogchen Community,

As the time for membership renewal is quickly approaching, we would like to encourage you to reaffirm your committment to the Community by doing this at your earliest convenience.

By assuming this individual responsibility, we are fulfilling Rinpoche’s wishes and at the same time supporting the world wide Community. One’s obligation to assume this responsibility should not be dependent upon whether or not we agree with each and every decision our respective Gakyils make. It is rather a reflection of our own personal committment to the importance of the teachings in our own lives.

Membership, as you are well aware, is not only a requirement for taking the base level exam of Santi Maha Sangha, but also part of the samaya committment once one has passed that examination.

Different levels of membership are available and we recommend that you consult with your local gakhyil in order to make decision that conforms with your circumstances.

All best wishes,

Steven Landsberg
President IDC

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