Light of Kailash Volume Three


Dear Vajra Family,

We’re happy to inform you that the third volume of The Light of Kailash is now available! You can get it from the web shop of the Shang Shung Foundation:
It’s the final volume of Rinpoche’s trilogy on the authentic origins of Tibetan culture. As the translator Donatella Rossi says:

“This amazing trilogy, aptly named The Light of Kailash, offers an open, daring, holistic, unbiased approach to the study of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Tibet and to the understanding of the origin of this fascinating and endangered civilization. The third volume, “The History of the Later Period: Tibet,” is concerned with an assessment of the genealogies, Bonpo lineages, royal dynasties (from the first monarch gNya’-khri bTsan-po until the forty-fifth monarch Khri-dar-ma ’U-dum-btsan), language, and civilization of Tibet.”

Rinpoche will soon present the book twice:
May 22 in London:

June 3 in Paris:

Best Wishes,
Shang Shung Publications