Like Lightning that Illuminates a Moonless Night

July course in Dejamling, Southern France

Flashback to the 1st part of the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra course, with Stoffelina Verdonk, July 17-23 at Dejamling in Southern France.

Experience recounted by Tugdual, a participant among the 8 people present (3 pawos and 4 pamos), plus our mascot Domino (below):

vajra dance dejamling

“I was touched right to the heart by this deep and such vast practice.
In its movement, through the song and the state of presence that is asked in its application.
It was like a lighting that illuminates a moonless night, a thunderbolt that wakes up!
I also greatly appreciated the wittiness and the rigor of Stoffelina, in her way of conveying.
A big thanks to Sébastien for his welcome at the place and his kindness during the course.
It was a very rewarding experience for me, as well as the discovery of a Dzogchen community, myself coming from a Kaguypa community.”

Kenavo Tugdual


vajra dance dejamling


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