Longsal Teachings Available as E-Books

Dear Vajra Family,

Two volumes of Longsal teachings, Three and Four, are now available as e-books. Other volumes, except Nine, will follow in the next weeks.

The volumes One and Two will be published last since they are the earliest translations and will be revised on the basis of the written and oral commentaries Rinpoche gave us during the last 20 years.

Volume Three contains two upadeshas and the histories of their discoveries: Preliminaries of the Path of Ati (a commentary for which was published recently as The Crucial Preliminaries of the Path of Ati) and All-Penetrating Wisdom.

Volume Four contains The Main Points of the view Totally Beyond the Conceptual Mind, a special upadesha of Garab Dorje written down in its final form in 2002 on the isle of Margarita. Written in prose, it contains extraordinary and clear explanations on the main points of the Dzogchen view.

Best wishes,
Shang Shung Publications Team

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