Losar at Tashigar Norte 2021

Welcoming the New Year and saying goodbye to our dear Dmitri and family.

by Manuel Eduardo Teruel

This year, in extraordinary harmony, the arrival of the Tibetan New Year was celebrated in Tashigar Norte, welcoming the year of the Metal Ox, hoping that it will be very auspicious for us. It coincided with the farewell of the Kalmikov family, who traveled to Russia. In a cordial and fraternal atmosphere, the members of the community, their friends and workers gathered for the celebration of Losar with the traditional “end of the year divination soup.” The ingredients were brought in the morning and the call for the preparation of the soup and the momos was for 2 in the afternoon so that at 7 in the evening we would all have dinner together. Kala, time, was our ally. There was no need to speak, there was no rush. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Maura Marín was ready to receive us.

Dmitri and Olga in the forefront

She already had the work done, the vegetables were chopped, as well as some dressings. The hands were not lacking, Berta put hers, they were all at the service of the event, among the first to arrive, the rest were cut and picked. The big pot was set on the fire by Marina, the aromas came out of it everywhere flooding the space, Fanny and Steve’s house, whom we thank for having lent it to ring in the new year. The water was boiling, it was necessary to prepare the flour for the momos.

Manuel was in charge of making the dough, and Rolo made and stretched what was necessary and then cut the dough with the glass to make the pieces where the momos filling would go. Operating as a great machinery that assembles the parts, the momos came out one by one. More hands, more friends of Tashigar, arrived just in time “the Russian women of the mountain” and Roberto, with Ala at the head who in perfect Spanish entered greeting everyone. In their hands they brought the liquor and some delicious pickles made with the flower of a local cactus.

Gloris, current blue Gakyil

Their Spirit, always in joy, contagion those present and with their collaboration we began to make the momos and prepare the “Gu Thuk”, only the Fennel and Eucalyptus were missing (representative of care and well-being ). The music was present, which made some of those present dance, motivated by Lada’s joy. Ready, the momos were ready, the only thing missing was the pot to steam them, it appeared from the hands of Douglas immediately upon request. The momos were delicately placed inside. Luis, one of our local collaborators, with his wife had already arrived carrying a pearl in their hands. Practically everyone was present.

At 7 o’clock everything was ready, moments before Dmitri arrived with his family, on time. Rinpoche is always present in our minds and in our hearts, as well as others, members that are part of this International Dzogchen Community who are not physically present, but who are present in voice and mind. Memories came to our minds. The past became present. The empty vessels were filled with what we all expected, silence was present, the comments about the taste of the soup and the momos were not lacking, all were favorable, we were all satisfied, there was no need for more.


The questions and answers about the meaning of the elements that we had when opening the surprises on the soup” appeared as always. Happy all after a while we said goodbye, long before midnight. This is how our celebration of Losar was celebrated and concluded in the Dzogchen Community of Tashigar North, leaving behind the 2020. May this New Year be of well-being for everyone, and may we always keep our attention on the path and practice of the Dharma. Om A Hum.

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