Mandarava in Paris


The weekend of March 21 and 22, Nina Robinson gave instructions for the practice of Mandarava in Paris. The course was organized in a spacious center near the Pompidou center. It was a heart-warming event with quite a few beginners. Some people had come from London others from Copenhagen. Patricia, a yoga instructor, came from Switzerland.

I have been doing this practice since 2007 when I received the initiation from Rinpoche in Margarita so I had wanted to go but the price of the trip from Marseille was too costly so I had written it off.

Nina Robinson’s classes have something very essential, direct and practical about them. She answers all questions but cuts through once in a while with a “But you are free, we are all free”. Nina emphasises the essence rather than form and we spent a few hours deepening our sogthig breathing practice. Those unfamiliar with khumbaka were given an insight on its qualities and set on the path to learning more about it.

A dadar [long life ritual arrow] workshop was organized during lunch break, but I did not attend. I was doing treatments to pay for my trip. A week before the course a friend called to say she wanted an acupuncture treatment in Paris and then lined up a few other patients. Everything is perfect but the Guru’s blessings do help!

Andrew Farr

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