Marvellous – Vajra Dance of the Vajra Song at Dejamling

marvellous vajra dance dejamling

This is the word that spontaneously rose in my mind at the end of the course of the second part of the Vajra Dance of the Vajra Song, led by Stoffelina Verdonk at Dejam Ling in France from September 2-8. A course in which the Pawos supported the learning of the Pamos and vice versa, keeping the rhythm by clapping hands or using a percussion instrument.

marvellous vajra dance dejamling

At the end of learning, the steps on the Mandala and the sung syllables were unified in the presence of rigpa.

The participants are now filled with the joy of being able to dance the Dance of the Song of the Vajra in its totality.

May everything be auspicious for all sentient beings, may our practice contribute to it.

Christine Médoc

marvellous vajra dance dejamling

Let’s not forget our little mascot Domino, also coming back for the 2nd part! Resting after a wild boar hunt, empty-handed!


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