merging true self dying

The inscription reads: ‘On the seventh day from the pure land of Khechara, the Vidyadhara deities come to meet [the deceased]. From the Vidyadharas appear the fi ve consorts and around them, a numberless assembly of dakinis appears: those from the cemeteries, those of the four families, those of the three places, those of the twenty-four sacred places, along with male and female warriors, protectors and guardians.’ Each Vidyadhara is identified by an inscription: rNam par smin pa’i rig ‘dzin, Sa la gnas pa’i rig ‘dzin, Tshe la dbang ba’i rig’dzin, Phyag rgya chen po’i rig ‘dzin, Lhun gyis grub pa’i rig-‘dzin. A five-coloured light of co-emergent pristine cognition (Lhan cig skyes pa’i ye shes) emanates from the heart of each Vidyadhara
and reaches the heart of the deceased, together with the green dull light of the animal realm (dud ‘gro’i ‘od ljang-khu).