Merigar Cinerarium


This summer our Master officially opened the Merigar Cinerarium, the first in the International Dzogchen Community. On that occasion the first urns of some Vajra brothers and sisters who died years ago were laid there. In October, other urns were also brought there.

After years of planning and work the building is ready not only to preserve the ashes of practitioners in a fitting manner, but also to be a place empowered by practice in order to help our brothers and sisters in the bardo.

The first ashes were placed in the cinerarium during the opening ceremony

The first ashes were placed in the cinerarium during the opening ceremony

In Italy it is customary to dedicate November 1 to the deceased, and, as the Dzogchen Community, we invite you to practice at the Merigar Cinerarium for the benefit of all the deceased on the occasion of this anniversary. At Merigar we are trying to do practices for the dead regularly.

We also invite you to make a small or large donation to complete the construction costs and to create a garden around the cinerarium. Donations will be listed in a special book, and those of 500 Euros or more will be entitled to a place for an urn.

Offerings can be sent to the following account:
Banca Etruria, Castel del Piano branch (Grosseto)
c/c 92203 ABI 05390 CAB 72190 CIN D
IBAN code IT28D0539072190000000092203
SWIFT / BIC code ARBAIT33126

PayPal address (
Mailing address:
Association Dzogchen Community Merigar
Loc. Merigar 58031 Arcidosso GR (Grosseto)

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