Merigar East. The Sunflower Gar at the Sea Shore

merigar east sunflower garThere is no better way to start talking about Merigar East than with a sincere warning …  be aware as you will most probably fall in love with this Gar and its surroundings:  with the sunflower fields that “marry” the sky and earth, with the small and rocky fisherman beach, the best place to meditate gazing at the sun rising from an infinite red sea, with delicious fresh vegetables handpicked by the villagers of 23 of August and especially with that wonderful feeling of spaciousness that gives you the freedom to practice as (most probably) you never did before.
merigar east sunflower garAnd the list of qualities that will make you most certainly fall for this Gar continues with its three beautifully colored external mandalas (plus an interior one), two pristine white stupas and a golden Gönpa, all of which make Merigar East a place taken out of a post-card.
Merigar East is like a multifaceted realm, it can be a quiet and open space that invites you to deepen any practice you might fashion, reminding you, at the same time, not to dismiss the simple joy of gathering around a fire with friends, old and new, over coffee and watermelon at the long table in the camping lounge (blissfully cool during hot days) or just dance in the living room of the multifunctional house that serves as a big dorm for any Dharma traveler who is not into camping.
merigar east sunflower garBut it is not only the location that should make you give it an intensive practice test-drive, Merigar East maintains itself very active, offering an all-year-round retreat schedule which comprises of the most diverse practices and workshops to satisfy any Dharma need the sangha members might have.
In spite of the great loss we all suffered last year with the passing of our beloved Rinpoche,  Merigar East remained the center of activity of all Eastern European practitioners who gathered for karma yoga in spring to extend and improve the camping area and prepare the Gar for what was a lively year with special Santi Maha Sangha Base intensive study with Gabriella Schneider , Semzin retreat with Elias Capriles, lungta workshop, Chöd retreat with Steven Lansberg, intensive SOV retreat with Zoli Cser, practice of the Inner and Secret Rushens by  Elio Guarisco, several autumn workshops and an intensive inner heat 7th Lojong  practice retreat for the New Year hosted by Zoli Cser.

2019 in Merigar East. Retreats galore, spa and a wild beach a walk away

This year, Merigar East is coming stronger than ever with a schedule that debuts with an out-of the-box course of permaculture (23rd – 29th April) with the Community’s specialist, Saviana Parodi, an initiative meant to develop the Gar’s activity by giving the sangha the opportunity to take on sustainable plant growing at home but also to give it a try directly in the Gar.
Afterwards, Gabriella Schneider, the first Romanian SMS instructor, will host the second part of the SMS Base retreat (28th – 31st May) which started last year and has been welcomed with open arms by the Romanian sangha and not only. Do join via Skype as well if you are interested in deepening your SMS knowledge.
merigar east sunflower garAnd if you are looking for an active vacation, look no further than Merigar East. We need your skillful hands to prepare the Gar for this year’s retreat schedule and to further improve the camping facilities. You will be rewarded with camp fires and jam sessions, amazing fresh food, intensive practice, yantra yoga and a Tsa-tsa workshop (1st – 9th June), a perfect chance to make your own tsa-tsas and harmonize your energy. Don’t hesitate to enroll for our karma yoga gathering! By the way, the sea water has an ideal temperature around that date.
merigar east sunflower garThe retreat season will be opened with several Dakini related practices: the Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings with Eleonora Folegnani (21st – 23rd June) followed by a Green Tara and Ödzer Chenma Retreat with Oliver Leick (27th June – 2nd July) and a course of Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra Beginners’ in two parts led by Stoffelina Verdonk (7th – 14th July, part 1) and Elisha Koppensteiner (17th – 24th July, part 2).
You will be very happy to hear that this time you will have no less than three external mandalas to dance on so a great occasion to finally learn well the steps and mudras as you can practice on your own whenever there isn’t the course going on.
merigar east sunflower garMerigar East will welcome Elias Capriles in August, an instructor who returns every year to Romania and is already regarded as an Eastern Dzogchen family member. Elias will host an open event on the Six Special Mind Trainings (Lojongs) (4th – 8th August) in his captivating style of merging Eastern knowledge and esoterism with Western philosophy.
Autumn is very dynamic at Merigar East, opening with a Drajyor and Khaita Course hosted by Fabian Sanders and Monika Walczak (28th August – 1st September) followed by an intensive Tibetan Language Beginners’ Course with Fabian Sanders (2nd – 7th September).
And this is not all, we have many more surprises for you along this auspicious year, so keep your eyes open for fresh Merigar East news!
Last but not least, do come to the Sunflower Gar, you can rest assured that you will love it here! We also have a spa with healing mud and waters a quick drive away, so what are you waiting for?

merigar east sunflower gar

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