Merigar West Weekly Program 8-14 February 2021

merigar program 8-14 february

Weekly Program 8 – 14 February 2021

Webcast from Dzamling Gar and Merigar (CET)

Happy Losar and Happy New Year Metal Ox!

Dear Friends,
You can find the program of events and practices planned for Losar on:

We remind you of the beginning of the Mandarava retreat in webcast from Dzamling Gar and Merigar, from 12 to 27 February

On February 14th from 3.30 pm in collaboration with ASIA
Let’s celebrate the Tibetan New Year together with a journey into Tibetan culture.
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We inform you that the practices scheduled until Thursday February 11 will be webcast only. For the rest of the program we remind you that to participate in the practices at Merigar you should communicate with the office due to the reduced availability of spaces. or Whatsapp 3518166283, or tel. 0564966837
Please observe the distancing rules and always wear a mask. Thank you.

February 9
18:00 Shitro (webcast from Merigar)

February 10 – 29th day of the 12th Tibetan month
16:00 Short fire puja
21:40 Shitro (webcast from Dzamling Gar)

February 11 – last day of the year
9:00-12:00 Cleaning for the last days of the year
17:00  Practice of Purification of the Six Lokas  (webcast from Merigar)
18:00 Short Ganapuja, and with thanks and dedication for all those who have contributed directly or indirectly and who have collaborated with the Dzogchen Community (webcast from Dzamling Gar)

February 12 LOSAR
9:00 Practice of Mandarava (webcast from Dzamling Gar)
12:00-13:00 Khaita  (webcast from Dzamling Gar)
15:00-16:15 Vajra Dance (Gönpa)
17:00 Ganapuja with Namkha and Lungta authentication  (webcast from Merigar)
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February 13
10:30-12:00 Explanation and Practice of Sogtig Breathings with Fabio Andrico (webcast from Dzamling Gar)
16:00-18:00 Explanation and Practice of Mandarava with Nina Robinson (webcast from Merigar)

February 14
8.30 Practice of Sang, followed by prayer flag hanging every morning until the next full moon (Merigar).
9:00-10:00 Sang Practice (Webcast from Dzamling Gar)
10:30-12:00  Explanation and Practice of Tsalungs with Fabio Andrico (Webcast from Dzamling Gar)
15:30 Let’s celebrate the Tibetan New Year together – online event
16:00-18:00 Explanation and Practice of Mandarava  (Webcast from Dzamling Gar)

Online practices

The online practices of Yantra Yoga continue on Thursday at 17.30 and Sunday at 8.30; Yoga on the chair is on Wednesday at 9.00. The link to participate is, for the connection you can contact Dina
Breathe is on Friday at 9:00 here:
Yantra practices continue on the Zoom platform and Breathe resumes on Fridays at 9:00 am

Ass. Culturale ComunitàDzogchen – Merigar
Loc. Merigar, 58031 Arcidosso (GR) Italy
Tel. +39 0564 966837 +39 0564 968110


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