Forum on Music at Merigar August 6-8, 2017


Three Days of Sharing Experiences of Music

There are so many meanings for the word music: a way to play and unwind, a path for knowing oneself, a way of getting in touch with other people, and a path for a spiritual journey.

There are those who make music entering the tradition of the place where it was born, those who are passionate about the tradition of the music of another continent, or who become a virtuoso of an instrument. There are those who invent artificial sounds, who study and apply music theory in history, and who dedicate themselves to improvisation.

Whatever your way of giving meaning to the word music, everyone finds themselves working on energy and relationships. We invite those who have experience in the field of music to share and offer themselves for short lectures, concerts, stories of experiences, workshops or short performances. For those with less experience it will be a way to have some “tastes”.

For three days Merigar will be full of sounds and stories alternating with talks, workshops, and performances. The Master will be present each afternoon to sing and dance Khaita.

We invite you to send proposals by June 10th. If you are interested, send your proposals to

If you want to share a musical experience you will have 20 minutes of time for a talk (during which you can give some musical examples).

Please send us the following information so we can organize a program and give everyone some space.
Name – Surname – email:
The topic of your talk in 3-4 lines:
Your experience on the theme you are proposing:
The equipment you need:

If you would like to lead a workshop, we recommend sessions that do not go over 1 hour a day.

Please send us the following information:
Name – Surname – email:
The theme of the workshop:
How the workshop will be set up (how many sessions and what type):
Who your workshop is intended for:
What experience you have on the theme:
What experience you have in conducting workshops:

If you want to offer a performance.

Please send us the following information:
Name – Surname – email:
Musical genre:
Experiences of public concerts:
What equipment you need:
We invite you to submit proposals of up to 20-30 minutes.

Please submit your proposals to

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