Mindful Collaboration Conference in Kunsangar North

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Dear Friends!

On 25–27 May the Russian Dzogchen Community held a conference on Mindful Collaboration in Kunsangar North. The idea was suggested two months ago by SMS Level 1 instructor Alexander Pubants who moderated the three-day conference. Thirty-three participants took part in the event in person and 36 Dzogchen Community members joined us by webcast.

We discussed burning issues faced by the Russian Dzogchen Community in three main topics:

➰ Scope and nature of activities carried out by Gakyil and Geko of gars
➰ Creativity and business aspects in Dzogchen practice
➰ Potentiality and future development of Dzogchen Community

Keynote speakers and their reports:

Alexander Pubants – Functions and Responsibilities of DC Structural Units and Their Collaboration and Socially Useful Activity of DC as Dzogchen Practice in Current Circumstances;
Roman Grachev (Gekoe of Kunsangar North) – Basics of Mindful Collaboration and Challenges of and Outlook for Karma Yoga and Volunteer Programmes;
Victoria Adamenko (Yellow Gakyil of Kunsangar North) – Responsibility of Individual Practitioners and Dzogchen Community as a Whole for Gar Maintenance and Development;
Elena Fokina (a member of Rinchenling, The Form of Choir stage director) – The Importance of Creative Activity as an Aspect of Practice in Dzogchen Community;
Ilya Shirobokov (Yellow Gakyil of Rinchenling) – Development of Business Collaboration and Cooperation between Dzogchen Community Members;
Mark Farrington (Vice-President of International Gakyil of Dzogchen Community) – Collaboration of Gars and Lings with International Dzogchen Community (by webcast).
Igor Tokarev (Saratov DC), Elena Sychova (Gekoe of Kunsangar South), Galina Surmina (Samara DC), Natalia Makeeva, Valery Peskov, Svetlana Vaschenko, Alexander Chuev, Andrey Plotnikov (Omsk DC), Elena Gruzdeva (Yellow Gakyil of Kunsangar North) and Andrey Pushkarev contributed a lot in the discussion.

Mindful Collaboration Kunsangar North

At the Plenary Session, the conference participants outlined recommendations for collaboration in Dzogchen Community. The editorial and publishing team (A. Pubants, G. Surmina and N. Makeeva) will soon publish the related content.

Andrey Pushkarev, Ilya Shirobokov and Valery Peskov joined the project to facilitate efficient communication across Dzogchen Community based on advanced Internet technologies.

Mindful Collaboration Kunsangar North

The conference participants also elected members of the Organising Committee for the next conference – Alexander Pubants, Marina Novitskaya and Roman Grachev. Information on the date and topic of the next conference will follow later on.

Mindful Collaboration Kunsangar North

If you have any questions about participation in the event, please send them to elzikmor@gmail.com

Photos by Yuliya Mikheikina

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