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The new Mirror PDF issue, #136, is up on line and ready for downloading. Inside you will find many articles of great interest, beginning with Rinpoche’s public talk in Gran Canaria during a three day event on Tibetan Medicine and Culture in April, a topic of interest to everyone, The Relationship of the Physical Body and the Mind, then a talk Rinpoche gave on the Importance of the International Gakyil on April 16th, 2017 at Dzamling Gar, followed by important updates and news from the International Gakyil with contributions from Mark Farrington and Scott Diamond that includes an interview with Steven Landsberg as the new president of the IG, Oliver Leick’s commentary as his first 100 days as the Director of the Shang Shung Foundation, more updates from Shang Shung Foundation and Shang Shung Publishing, as well as news from ASIA about the Tanggan School, much anticipated information about the progress of the Gönpa at Dzamling Gar as reported to The Mirror by Giovanni Boni, Tibetan Coins and Paper Money, An Introduction to Tibetan Numismatic History with a Description of its Symbolism and Calligraphies by Giorgio Dallorto (from where our beautiful cover comes), an article on the The Reopening of the IsIAO Library in Rome (Istituto Italiano per l’Africa e l’Oriente), news from other Gars, programs, schedules and updates, book reviews, Peter Makela tells his story as an Artist in the Dzogchen Community and a wrap up with Anna Neyman’s story of How I Met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

In order to read The Mirror PDF on line, download and print it, if you so choose, as a current member you must go to the site and if you are already logged in you look under your name on the drop down menu in the upper right and there you will find The Mirror. If you are a member but not logged in, you need to log in and then do the same. If you are not a member, you can purchase the issue at at the right hand column.

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