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Dear Friends

Join us for a very special trip around Nepal from February 17th to February 26th, 2017.

Come and discover the beauty and the cultural treasures of an ancient, picturesque Himalayan kingdom. This trip will also be a unique opportunity to experience directly the wonderful benefits of Tibetan medical practices.

The trip will start with two relaxing days in the countryside outside Kathmandu, in the sacred valley of Parping. We will spend the first two nights at the “Pure Vision Sorig”, a traditional Tibetan medical center. There we will undergo individual medical consultations in the clinic of the renowned Dr. Tenzin Sherab. He studied under many great Buddhist masters as well as in several medical schools, in Bhutan and in India. We will be given personalised medical and dietary advice and we will experience the healing power of ku nye therapeutic Tibetan massages. Appropriate traditional herbal pills will be prescribed for each individual.

At the center one may enjoy the ‘Five Nectar’ baths or choose a more traditional dry sauna. Various massage options will be available.

One of the aims of this trip is to learn more about our constitution and ways to optimize our health from a Tibetan medical perspective, under the guidance of knowledgeable medical practitioners.









But besides recharging our batteries through massage, natural remedies and breathing exercises under the guidance of experienced healers, we will also explore historical landmarks, learning about the art and architecture of Kathmandu’s Buddhist sites. On our trip around the native land of Lord Buddha we will visit Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and learn about Buddhism from religious figures and monks.

We will also explore the handicrafts workshops in the neighborhood of Patan, where artisans descending from generations of craftsmen and artists are still producing some of the most refined handicrafts in the entire world. The artists of the Kathmandu valley were long famed for the excellence of their work and were often invited to the royal courts of Tibet, India and China to decorate their palaces and temples. In our days in Pokhara and in Chitwan national park we will also admire the incredible natural beauty of this fabled country.

We hope the participants will leave Nepal with a real insight into the beauty and history of its culture, having had an opportunity to learn about health optimization from a Himalayan perspective, and with a sense of enrichment in mind, spirit and body.

Discounted price if you book by 20 November 2016; 100$ taken off the full prices. Final bookings must be made by 15 December 2016.

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Please contact our tour guide Jamyang Oliphant at for any further information.

We hope you can join us. Thank you!

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