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Dear Vajra Family,

We’re happy to announce the availability of the fourth volume in the series of Longsal Commentary (the previous ones were: The Root Upadesha on the Vajra Bridge of LongdeThe Upadesha on the Self-Perfected ThögalThe Crucial Preliminaries of the Path of Ati). Aside from the histories and root texts, this series includes the autocommentaries written by the Author himself, occasionally supplemented with additional material to gather all information concerning a specific teaching in a single volume.

The Upadesha of the King of Space received by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as part of the Longsal cycle contains two different texts: the first, closely related to the original lung of Dzogchen Semde, appeared in a dream in 1963, and the Author later also received it together with a partial oral commentary from his root master Changchub Dorje

The second text is a special upadesha received in a dream in 1993 directly from the mahasiddha Dharmaraja of Oddiyana. It shows the essence of the view of Ati in relation to the principle of the three kayas. The Author’s commentary, which includes quotations from the original sources, elucidates the meaning of this extraordinary teaching.

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Best wishes,
Shang Shung Publications

Dear Vajra Family,

Since we’re receiving several questions asking who can read and practice particular Longsal teachings, we would like to repeat what Chögyal Namkhai Norbu said, especially in the recent years.
If someone participated in a particular retreat, such as Longsal Longde or Kalachakra, and received the relevant transmission, of course there is no problem reading the related material and doing the practice – on the contrary, this is the ideal situation.
Apart from that, if someone received the root Longsal initiation, one can read different Longsal texts (with the exception of Thögal and Yangti, for which one absolutely needs to receive the related transmission even to read them). This doesn’t mean one can do all practices belonging to the Longsal cycle just by receiving the Longsal root initiation, this is a misunderstanding. As Rinpoche said, it is OK to read them, but in order to practice, many of them require a specific transmission and instructions (Rinpoche gave the example of Tsalung and Longde).
In a correspondence with the Gakyil of Merigar in 2012, Rinpoche also agreed that people who received the tonwang (essential empowerment) of Jnanadakini (such as the one given 6 July in 2012 that was also transmitted via webcast) can also read Longsal texts, with the restrictions regarding the practice as above.
This means that people who haven’t received either the particular transmissions or one of the two above-mentioned initiations should not read these texts. Rinpoche asked us not to even display Longsal books together with the other ones on the book stands during retreats.
Since there are many new people who haven’t received these transmissions and feel sorry about being unable to do these practices, the only advice we can give is to follow Rinpoche’s example and to make repeated aspirations in order to meet these teachings in the future.


Best wishes,
Shang Shung Publications team

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