New Collaboration Workspace and Forum TOGETHER

Dear Vajra Family,

We are very excited to release a New Collaboration Workspace & Forum called TOGETHER.

It is an open platform for all practitioners from worldwide Community. You can instantly ask, advice, share and discuss all information you are interested in the Vajra family. It is clear & easy, accessible just with few clicks from the comfort of your smartphone.

It contains all different activities unified in one safe dedicated space. Everything is aligned into simple sections and special categories.

* Teaching:
Santi Maha Sangha, Yantra yoga, Vajra dance, Khaita, Practice thuns, Tibetan culture

* Community:
Karmayoga, Practice for someone, Fundraising, Help needed, Jobs, News from practitioners 

You can post to the chosen category, add the comment to the post (including pics, links, attachments) or just check the published info. Once you follow some category, you can receive the notifications not to miss any info.

TOGETHER offers effective tool for strengthening our communication, collaboration & practice. Join, explore, enjoy!

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