New Exciting Development for Khaita Worldwide


Dear all in the Dzogchen Community,

10419544_1507311016169562_8211946608095486327_nWe are pleased to announce that, following the indications of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, starting from September 2015, the Shang Shung Foundation – International Institute for Tibetan Culture – will be in charge for the coordination of all the worldwide activities related to Khaita Joyful Dances.

Rinpoche’s decision aims to further deepen and foster the practice of Khaita dances and the public diffusion and appreciation of modern Tibetan dances and songs, under the umbrella of an institution, like the Foundation, whose specific mission is to support the continuity and development of the Tibetan culture and its contribution to the contemporary world.

The program will entail the management, implementation and coordination of all the aspects related to Khaita: artistic production, media production and communication, public diffusion, didactics and certifications, publications, human resources, collaborative tools and finances.

All the different projects will be supported by a dedicated organizational structure within the Foundation, to ensure that all aspects are handled with competence and with a coordinated and collaborative approach.

Adriana Dal Borgo will support the general coordination of all Khaita related activities working in extensive consultation with Rinpoche, the staff of the Foundation and all people involved in the program.

In the same way, choreographers, dancers, instructors and those supporting the technical requirements of the program (websites, audio and video production, fundraising, etc.) will work with the Foundation to continue and develop the great work already started.

All the activities and resources are coordinated by the Shang Shung Foundation in collaboration with the Gars and Lings of the International Dzogchen Community and all its members.

Anyone, gar, ling or individual, wishing to launch events, workshops, courses or other activities related to Khaita or to simply request information, can contact the Foundation emailing

The Foundation will assist in:

The selection of instructors and/or performers
Providing guidelines for the preparation of the course and/or event programme
The coordination of the activities with the educational and artistic direction and committees
The creation and maintenance of the budget
The preparation of promotional materials
Providing guidelines for Communication and launch


Certified Instructors

The instructors authorized to teach Khaita courses will be certified by the Shang Shung Foundation. The Foundation is currently working steadily for the preparation of the diplomas, and the establishment, under Rinpoche’s direction, of guidelines and curricula for the certification of instructors and their financial retribution. These will be announced as soon as defined, together with the first list of certified instructors.

Support Us

Your professional help in developing Khaita is very much needed! If you wish to offer your volunteer collaboration in the following roles:

Video Maker, Editor, Producer
Audio Editor, Producer
Web Developer, Admin, Marketing, SEO


Diffusion and Communication Channels

While we are working with our Web Production Committee to launch the new web page of the Foundation, which will also host the Khaita program, these are the official resources to be used to gain information about the current activities and resources.

Youtube channel:



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