News from the Dzamling Gar Lungta Team!

Hello from the Dzamling Gar Lungta Team!

Rabgyi gave us some additional explanations which we would like to share with everyone who already ordered or plans to order lungtas or prayer flags. It can be done online or at info point/bookshop

Traditionally, we can increase the benefit from hanging lungtas by writing the date of birth of the person (or at least the person’s name) on the lungta or prayer flags. That means that your name will fly with mantras all the year round and it increases their function.

There are indications how to choose the color of the flag:

If you write your date of birth (or name) on:

🚩 Yellow lungta – brings fortune

🚩 Red flag – connects with Guru Padmasabhava and helps to overcome obstacles and provocations

🚩 Green flag – connects with Green Tara and helps to eliminate obstacles

🚩 White flag – connects with Avalokiteshvara and helps to develop compassion and purify

🚩 Blue flag – connects with Buddha of Medicine and helps to overcome diseases

🌈If you are going to order lungtas, you can send your date of birth (or name) and preferred color to Whatsapp +34 603 339598 or Messenger @Margarita Supe and after ordering them online we will write your details on the flags. If you have already ordered lungtas and wish that your details are also written, please send your data to us!

Last lungtas left to reach the goal of our annual Lungta Campaign for Losar 2020! These last prayer flags will be hung for you in Chogur (our lungta pavilion for practice). It is a great way to balance your energy, eliminate obstacles and increase your fortune for the upcoming year! Contribute to the development and maintenance of Dzamling Gar by reserving your lungta.

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