New Gakyil Rinchenling, Moscow


Dear Friends!

The General Meeting of Rinchenling, Moscow Dzogchen Community, was held on October, 30. The agenda covered the Gakyil work statement for the period of 2015-2016, as well as introduction of the new candidates  to join the Gakyil team.

The Community appreciated the work statement and offered support to the newly elected Gakyil for the next year.

Rinpoche approved the Community’s choice.

 Blue gakyil:

  • Ekaterina Serebryanaya (continue this year)
  • Andrey Chagin (continue this year)
  • Elisaveta Sviatopolk (continue this year)


Yellow gakyil:

  • Elena Bragina (continue this year)
  • Roman Gorskih (continue this year)
  • Galina Evsikova (a new member of gakyil )

Red gakyil:

  • Yuriy Krivtsov (continue this year)
  • Michael Kurochkin (a new member of gakyil)
  • Larisa Kortunova (a new menber of gakyil)
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