New Gakyil at Gyamtsholing, Venice

new gakyil gyamtsholing

On Saturday, January 26th, 2019, we elected a new Gakyil at Gyamtsholing, Venice, Italy. Thanks to the generosity of two former Gakyil members who wanted to continue their work (Paola Pillon for Yellow Gakyil and Giovanna Carraro for Blue Gakyil) this year we managed to form a Gakyil of 6 members!
In the Yellow we have Paola Pillon and Ilaria Diana; for the Red, Patrizia Piovan and Roberto del Fabbro, and for the Blue, Giovanna Carraro and Ana Maria Humeres.

We send our good wishes for a positive Earth Boar year for everyone, and for the new Gakyil good luck with their work!

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