News from DC Yeselling and SSI Austria


Dear Vajra family,

Yeselling, the Ling of the International Dzogchen Community in Austria, has moved to a new location. We had to leave the building we had rented the last years, as it is going to be renovated and the owner will build flats there. Fortunately we found an even bigger place with a garden on the top of a gentle hill, surrounded by vineyards and offering spectacular views in all directions.


Since April 1st 2016 this place is the new location of Yeselling and of the Shang Shung Institute Austria.

Yeselling is a perfect place for members of the International Dzogchen Community to do personal retreats.

On May 25th we will perform the opening ceremony and from May 26th-29th there will be the first event in our new place: the third part of the cycle of SMS-Base level retreats under the guidance of Oliver Leick, authorized SMS-Base level instructor. We will practice the Semdzins, and study and practice chapter VII – IX of “The Precious Vase“.


Please find more information about Yeselling on our website: and about the Shang Shung Institute Austria on our website:


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