News from Shang Shung Publications on The Upadesha on the Self-Perfected Thögal

Dear Vajra Family,

We’ve recently published The Upadesha on the Self-Perfected Thögal and sent out the relevant information to the people who participated in Longsal Thögal retreats. However, we noticed some people failed to receive the message as several e-mail addresses are no longer active. Therefore we’re reaching out to you through the Norbunet and The Mirror.

This 400-page book is the second volume of Longsal Commentaries, the first being The Root Upadesha on the Vajra Bridge of Longde. It contains not only the root text of Longsal Thögal and the history of its discovery, but also Rinpoche’s detailed commentary on the practice. It’s available from the webshop of Shang Shung Publications.

In order to have access, you need to create an account in the webshop and then contact us using the online form, informing us when you received the transmission of Longsal Thögal from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. After receiving our confirmation, you will be able to purchase it using the link below:

Due to high interest in this book, the verification process may take up to two weeks. Thank you very much for your patience. Please note this book is exclusively for those who have received Longsal Thögal teachings from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.


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