Next Global Practices for Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Dear Vajra Family,

Rinpoche’s health is slowly getting better. Even though we know He will recover soon, most of us would like to dedicate our practice to Him. The best way is to do Guruyoga as much as possible, to be more present and to work with circumstances. We can dedicate any kind of practice we do and we can also practice together to empower our actions.

We have a Precious Master, Precious Teachings and Powerful Methods!

Practice # 1: GURUYOGA daily, as much as possible.

A few months ago,  in Dzamling Gar Rinpoche said the best practice for His health is to do Guruyoga. We have to remember that, and to be Present – it is very important for us as practitioners. If we really want to look after Rinpoche, we have to listen to Him. When we do Guruyoga, we are Present, we keep our Samaya pure, then all the practices we apply can really work.

Practice # 2: Mandarava and Ganapuja practice

Mandarava global chain 24 hours from 17th March 0:00h to 24:00 (GMT+0)

Ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa with Vajrasattva  global chain 24 hours from 24th March 0:00h to 24:00 (GMT+0)

Mandarava global chain 12 hours from 31st March 0:00h to 12:00h (GMT+0)

Mandarava Ganapuja – webcast practice- 31st March at 10:00h (GMT-5) from Tsegyalgar East.
Do you want to participate in the next Global Chain practices?

1. Register by filling out the following questionnaires below.
Mandarava global chain on 17th March event/24-hours-mandarava- practice

       Ganapuja Jigme Lingpa with Vajrasattva global chain on 24th March 4-hours-mandarava-practice-24t h-march

(Please, when you register choose your time of practice in GMT+0)
2. For Mandarava global chain 24 hours practice  we do the following:

We start with the Short Mandarava practice as we usually do. In order to not break the chain, it is necessary to start at least 15 minutes before the established starting time. Then, when we arrive to the Essential Mantras section, we start properly with our recitation for a full 65 minutes.

We do the recitation of the Essential Mantra of Mandarava for 25 minutes, then we recite the Essential Mantra of All Dakinis for 40 minutes.

Please, start on time and finish your recitation 5 mins later, so your cover the hour that will be the overlap between time slots.

Then, finish your Short Mandarava practice as usual.

3. For the Ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa with Vajrasattva 24 hours practice we do the following:
We start a Short or Medium Ganapuja with prepared offerings etc. as usual, then we do the practice of Naggon 5 minutes before the time of practice we signed up for, we start to do the practice of Jigme Lingpa’s Ganapuja repeating it 21 times, followed by 3 times repetition of the 100 syallable Vajrasattva mantra. Then again 21x Jigme Lingpa + 3x Vajrasattva – we repeat Jigme Lingpa with Vajrasattva until we arrive to 5min later of the ending time we signed for.

At the end of each practice we did together – we do the longer dedication of merits as found in the medium ganapuja (with Baldán lámai etc.) – offering all merits to Rinpoche’s Long life, to all Masters and to all sentient beings.

We hope we can all together unify & strengthten our energies by applying together these wonderful practices.

Long life to our Precious Master!!!

Dzamling Gar & Practicing Together Team

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