Lekdanling London Online Beginners Tibetan Language Course

online beginners tibetan course

Join us for our upcoming 2019 Tibetan Language Course in London

online beginners tibetan course

Fabian Sanders – Instructor

Online Beginners Tibetan Language Course With Prof. Fabian Sanders
12-13th January 2019

Saturday & Sunday UK Times: 9-11am & 1-3pm time

This weekend course constitutes an Introduction to Classical Tibetan: learning the alphabet & pronunciation. Connect via zoom online. Participants need to attend whole course
Price: 40 euro or £40 plus free online access to an online reading / pronunciation facility.

Three Part Advanced Beginners Tibetan Language for Practitioners Course: January 25-27th, February 22-24th & March 22-24th  (online available)
Tibetan Language for Practitioners: focus on refining grammar – with some textual work. Text material to follow for participants.

Tickets and further information is available on the Shangshung UK website (Shangshunguk.org) in association with the Tibetan Language Dept. of the Ati Yoga Foundation.

During 2018, Shang Shung UK began live streaming many of its exciting events via Facebook and this has proved very successful. The Khaita performance at the British museum was viewed by over 17,400 people globally and especially by members of the Tibetan community around the world. See it online at: https://www.facebook.com/shangshunguk/videos/1881420778535609/

Likewise, some of our Shang Shung lectures, such as Darig Thokmay’s talk on traditional Bon and Buddhist folk customs reached over 2,300 views from individuals as far afield as India, Switzerland and Canada: https://www.facebook.com/shangshunguk/videos/1822127601131594/

The ability to provide online streaming immediately opens up our programme to a much wider audience … so you don’t need to live in London or even the UK to tune in to our upcoming talks and courses. So please take a look at our new programme in the upcoming issue of The Mirror and join us online.

Even if you don’t manage to join us live, we are now filming or recording most of our London events so you can view them in your own time either via Facebook or as a download from the Shang Shung UK website or as a Vimeo presentation. Our SSIUK website: shangshunguk.org now contains a wide range of talks, lectures and conference proceedings that have been recorded over the past 8 years, many of which contain unique material which is not available elsewhere. It is our aim to gradually build up an online documentary & video library covering all different aspects of Tibetan culture, as an easy-to-access global facility.

In January 2019 we are starting a new series of Tibetan Language sessions with Prof. Fabian Sanders, aimed at Advanced Beginners ie those with some basic knowledge of the Tibetan alphabet and grammar. You will be able to join this course online using zoom, which is also a very useful tool in making information available to a wider audience. Prof. Sanders now uses online facilities on a regular basis to make his Tibetan language courses and seminars available to international participants … so whether you are based in Tenerife, Russia, India or USA etc or it will be possible to participate in our three part Advanced Beginners Tibetan Language course from Friday 25th – 27th January.
You can already sign up for this course on the Shang Shung UK website via the link at http://www.shangshunguk.org/whats-on/#event=21074761

For those of you who do not use Facebook, next year we also plan to start using You Tube for broadcasting our open events. We regularly add events to our Shang Shang programme in London so we recommend you visit our website regularly to see what is happening. There is also a designated Lekdanling website: lekdanling.org which covers all the Dzogchen community events happening in London as well as regular weekly practise sessions. Alternatively, if you would like to be added to our SSIUK mailing list so you are directly informed of all our activities, then please email us at www.shangshunguk.org/contact/

Our new 2019 programme includes our second Festival of Mind in (May 10-12th) with am amazing line-up of innovatory speakers including Charlie Morley talking on the theme of working with the shadow in the dream state. We are also happy to welcome back some familiar faces including Ian Baker, Elio Guarisco and Igor Berkhin who will be talking about different ways of dealing with our emotions. Online views of their talks at the Festival of Mind last year on the theme of mindfulness in daily life have already achieved over 2,300 views … you can still view these at https://www.facebook.com/shangshunguk/videos/1933582246652795/

We are pleased to announce that our SSIUK online shop was given a fresh new look in 2018 where it is possible to buy a wide range of both public and restricted books. In 2019 we will be extending the items available to purchase online including a selection of high quality incense and sang plus many natural remedies.

We look forward to welcoming you online…

Maciek Sikora.

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