Open Seminar on Harmonious Breathing

Group photo of participants in harmonious breathing kunsangar

On 23-25 July 2016 Fabio Andrico conducted an open seminar on harmonious breathing “Breath” in Kunsangar North. In total 200 people participated in the seminar and almost half of them are new people. We are very happy to receive knowledge on full harmonious breathing from this wonderful international teacher!

Fabio Andrico and participants at harmonious breathing kunsangar

Participants doing yoga at the haromious breathing kunsangar

The team of organizers


Breathing is life. Harmony in breathing is harmony in life.

Harmonious Breathing is a key element in coordinating the functions of the mind and body. It calms the mind, reduces tension in the body, and improves both physiological  and cerebral functions.

If you eliminate the irregularities in your breathing, it has a beneficial effect on your mind. When breathing is smooth, continuous, slow and quiet,the body relaxes and the mind becomes calmer and more peaceful.

Controlled breathing is used in many relaxation methods, and is central to the ideals and goals of yoga. Its contribution to health and harmony has been known in Eastern cultures for many centuries, and is now widely recognised.

Harmonious Breathing takes its source in Yantra Yoga (one of the oldest methods of Yoga taught in the world, transcribed in the 8th century AD) and differs from other Yoga by the integration of movement and breathing.



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