Organization of the Atiyoga Foundation

organization atiyoga foundation

The Atiyoga Foundation (ATIF) is the cultural foundation founded by Master Namkhai Norbu, together with Nancy Simmons and Carlos Ramos. In the future the Foundation will communicate to the world the different “areas of the mind” and the different “fields of human knowledge” that the Master has developed over his many years of work in the national and international academic world, in the Dzogchen Community, and in the many organizations he has founded in the course of his life.

The Board of Directors is composed of Ester Escudero, Pia Bramezza, Alex Siedlecki, Oliver Leick and myself, Marco Baseggio.

I am the Chairman of the Board and acting Legal Representative. The task assigned to me by the Master and Rosa Namkhai is to create the framework of ATIF in a legally correct and precise way as well as to supervise the process by which the assets of Shang Shung Foundation will merge with ATIF, with Merigar and new legal entities (probably Shang Shung Publications). Even the Museum of Asian Art and Culture (MACO) will merge into the new cultural foundation in the course of this complex process. At the end of this first phase of construction a new Chairman will be appointed.

Ester Escudero will deal mainly with Communication, support me in many activities and is the secretary of the Board for the Articles of Association.

Pia Bramezza will mainly supervise the management system (management software with “cost centers” for each department).

Alex Siedlecki will be primarily responsible for the Foundation’s museum activities (MACO).

Oliver Leick will be primarily responsible for the new Shang Shung Institute.

The Board as a whole will take care of the overall management of the Foundation and in particular the start-up of an “institutional” fundraising activity.

organization atiyoga foundation

Then there are the individual Departments.

ATI Movement and Mind Department (AMMD): Director Fabio Andrico.

The department will take care of courses of Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Khaita Joyful Dances and Meditation that are open to the public. The contents of the Department will be developed by a Scientific Committee made up, at the moment, of Laura Evangelisti, Prima Mai, Adriana Dal Borgo and Fabio Andrico. New members of the Scientific Committee will have to be appointed.

Shang Shung Institute (SSI): Director Oliver Leick

The department for Tibetan culture, in which all the activities of SSF merge, with the exception of the courses that are part of AMMD and Publications.

There are three sub-departments:

SSI Tibetan Culture: director Julia Lawless, based in London. This will act as a network between all SSIs around the world. Julia will further develop the purposes and activities of this sub-department.

SSI Tibetan Language: Director Fabian Sanders. For the Tibetan and drajorlanguage courses. Online courses will also be developed.

SSI Tibetan Medicine: director Dr. Phuntsog. For the development of Tibetan medicine in the world.

Museum of Asian Art and Culture(MACO): director Alex Siedlecki. For the management of the Foundation’s museum and cultural activities.

Information Technology Department (IT): acting director Kamil Selwa. In the coming months Kamil will implement the Shedra system created by him in collaboration with the International Dzogchen Community. Depending on the results of this system, it will be evaluated in the future how to proceed with the IT department.

Health and Wellbeing Department: acting director Oliver Leick. The department will manage the relationship between ATIF and the new Integrative Medicine clinic created in Tenerife. Oliver gave his availability for the first few months. We have to find a managerial profile for this role.

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