Palzom Films Looking for Skilled Video Editor

Dear Gakyils and members of the Dzogchen Community,

We hope that wherever you are in the world everything is going in the best way.

First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a team of young professionals in the video and cinema world collaborating with the Dzogchen Community on different projects. Our team is made up mainly of Community members, but also of people coming from outside who have trust and respect for our Master and the teaching. Our production is called Palzom Films, and was born in 2014 with the support of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu who also gave us our name.

We develop different kind of projects for the Dzogchen Community and also for any client outside: documentaries, commercials, video clips, etc. In any case, our main purpose remains to help our Master and the Dzogchen Community in the best way we can.

In this period we are looking for a young skilled video editor, member of our Community, interested in having some experience in a production company made up of professionals with a consistent curriculum in this field. The editor will participate in different kinds of projects. The kind of tasks he/she would be involved in can be various depending on the circumstances. We are based mainly on the island of Tenerife, very close to Dzamling Gar.

Our hope is to find somebody that can grow with us as an editor, and with whom we can build a relationship of mutual trust.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please send us your CV and a reel. For any question, please write to us at this email address:

A warm greeting to everybody,

Palzom Films team


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