Paris Sangha Retreat June 2018

Paris Sangha Retreat June 2018

The retreat, organized in Paris by the three French-speaking Lings, Palriling, Dejamling and Tengyäling, in the beautiful hall of the Foundation of the United States, classified as a historical monument, in the Cité Universitaire Internationale of Paris, was a great success with the presence of 136 participants.

Activities began with Khaita dances and training for the Dances of the Vajra on the evenings of May 30 and 31, and continued on June 1, 2 and 3 with a dense program that included the various types of practices taught by our master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

For the Dance of the Vajra and Yantra Yoga, demonstrations and practices were organized every day, as well as a presentation and an introduction to Harmonious Breathing.

As for the door of Mind, the retreat was organized around the interventions of our two teachers, Elio Guarisco and Igor Berkhin, who alternated their lectures to introduce the subject “Mind and Beyond Mind“. In five clear and exciting presentations, they brought the public, composed of members of the Dzogchen community as well as people seeking their first contact with the teaching, to better understand and experience the functioning of the ordinary mind and to realize that there is an immutable presence.

The presentation, intended for a wide audience, took place in five steps:

  • Presence and awareness
  • Training the distracted mind
  • Emptiness and clarity
  • The view of Dzogchen or Total Perfection
  • Integrating Presence and Awareness in Daily Life

In addition to Elio and Igor, all the teachers of every discipline were certified by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and members of the three organizing lings.

Paris Sangha Retreat June 2018

The organization and success of this retreat prove that beyond the absence of our beloved Master, which we hope to be temporary, the Dzogchen community must find the capacity to stabilize and manifest the spiritual inheritance received from Him.

This is the challenge that the Community faces and members will show, as in Paris, that we can assume her Samaya links.

Jean-Pascal Pillot



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