Permaculture Design Course in  Merigar East

permaculture course merigar eastBetween 23rd and 29th April Merigar East hosted a rather surprising event, but which was very interesting for all participants and also useful for the Gar. Our guide in the world of microorganisms, soil fertility, water phases and essential natural principles was Saviana Parodi Delfino, molecular genetics biologist and also a long time practitioner. Even if plants usually live barefoot, we tried to step into their shoes for a few days and learn through experience about the marvels of the natural world.

The course was very spontaneous and interactive and we enjoyed alternating training sessions with field work, collecting leaves and branches from the forest and even changing location to design a permaculture project for a nearby garden and household. The intimate Merigar East atmosphere manifested itself again, collaborating together and enjoying long conversations around the table filled with delicious food cooked by Kveta. As a consequence, a local participating couple had no choice but to move into the Multifun house instead of driving every day to get to the Gar – thus contributing subtly to the overall ecology of the course.

Altogether, we delved deeply into the synchronized dynamics of natural landscapes and learned many important details about the Gar, about the properties of the soil, the tendencies and the needs of the land in the direction of establishing itself as a natural harmonious habitat.

permaculture course merigar eastBut, most importantly, at least for me, was to really observe and get a taste of how nature flows and manifests and try to digest and integrate into myself this knowledge which basically is about working with circumstances, using what is available, avoiding unnecessary work, not forcing things, learning from what is happening and going with the flow and – who knows – hoping that one day inner and outer harmony are suddenly realized.

This autumn we will continue this beautiful work and bring more tree-and-bush-life to the Gar, but until then our garden is growing and everybody is welcome to share the fruits – after contributing, of course.

Merigar East Geko, Alexandru Anton

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